Seated massage
After many years as an independent consultant in the world of information systems, I decided in 2002 to redirect the focus of my company in an entirely new direction promoting wellness through bodywork.

Kenzen's Approach to Bodywork

People are complicated and unique -- no one approach to bodywork is right for everyone.  What touches one person may not be what touches the next.  And while one approach might be most supportive today, another approach might be best tomorrow.  That's been my own experience during the 25 years I've received various forms of bodywork to support my personal development process and address back problems.

So when I began training in bodywork myself, I devoted myself to learning both Eastern and Western bodywork styles, knowing they would complement each other and that it would allow me to better support the needs of my clients.

I'm convinced that our bodies possess a great deal of wisdom and that each of us holds the keys to our own wellness.  By listening to your body, a deeper sense of openness, contact, understanding and peace is there, ready to be discovered!
"Kenzen" is the Japanese word for wellness.
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My Education as a Bodyworker

Somatic Experiencing
Zen Shiatsu
Shiatsu Seated Massage
Sport Massage
Workshops and other supplemental training